Why Do Those With GREAT Skin Use Rose Quartz AND Jade Together

Everyone knows all gems have a vibration, dictated by their color and density. And that’s why customers adore our Brazilian Jade for smoothing lines, flushing wastes and boosting blood circulation, while using the harder, cooler Rose Quartz for relieving heat, inflammation and to depuff!

And it’s this dual gemstone action that has beauty lovers excited!

  • 1x Natural Jade Roller for Face and Eyes
  • 1x Natural Rose Quartz Roller Eyes and Face
  • WITH non-squeak wheel and strong continuous frame (not welded!)
  • Spindle Handle – easier to hold than cylinder shape
  • 1x Natural Rose Quartz Gua Sha Scraper
  • 1x Guide to Serums and Derma Rolling
  • Gift Boxed, With Lifetime Warranty and Certificate of Authenticity
  • For face and body massage, sinus, jaw pain, puffy eyes, wrinkles, sore muscles and more!

With Authentic Brazilian Jade and Quartz Handpicked and Certified

When you hold your rollers for the first time, notice the vibrant colors and strong glassy feel – that’s REAL gemstone; packed with healing energy! In fact, we even HANDpick them! No robots allowed!

It’s a Total Spa Treatment, With Surprising Results!

Each day is different, so use the roller that calls to your skin! Try it straight from the fridge or freezer for a refreshing ice roller and use the small roller end for around the eyes and nose. Use the Gua Sha to massage tension around the face that makes us look tired. Your rollers also boost your skins ability to absorb Vitamin C Serum and Hyaluronic Acid, too!

… There’s a reason it’s called an Asian Facelift, and it’s no longer a secret. Beautiful to Behold, and Comfortable To Hold, Try InnoCreation Now.

REAL BRAZILIAN JADE: You’re probably familiar with the milky and pastel colored type of Jade Facial Roller. These rollers are sadly just basic stone. Because a REAL jade roller is deep green, and clear! To boost circulation, smooth fine lines, flush waste and puffiness you can’t just roll with anything, you must roll with REAL gemstones that transfer their energy. So, we ONLY use pure Dongling Jade from Brazil.
AND BRAZILIAN QUARTZ: Just like your Jade Roller Massager the Rose Quartz Face Roller and Guasha Massage Tool is REAL too! In fact, we have authenticity certificates to prove how we hand pick the best stones for your beauty tools. The Jade massage roller is soft and gentle – warm it up to boost circulation. Alternatively, the Rose roller it’s hard and cooling – pop it in the FRIDGE for inflammation and to depuff!
GO ON, TREAT YOURSELF: First, read our handy e-book because it shows you how to choose and apply the right serum for your skin! Use your Jade or Rose Face Roller to massage product into your skin, flip it over and use the small roller as an eye roller for puffy eyes. Finish up with the Guasha Facial Tool to relax muscles, tighten skin and encourage youthful blood flow. Instructions are included in your guide.
SOLID FRAME: No one likes bent and squeaky face rollers. So we use advanced techniques in production. InnoCreation Rollers are made from solid Zinc alloy, not welded, but instead all one piece for strength and durability. The “spindle” shaped handle is more comfortable than a cylinder grip, which is important to avoid slipping after using oils and our tiny silicone wheel ensures a quiet, relaxing face massage.
STOCKING STUFFERS TO LOVE! Teenagers, older women, and even skin conscious men will enjoy unboxing this on Christmas Day, because it’s not just one small thing, it’s 3 beauty boosting face tools (and 3 is ALWAYS better than 1) As a super cute and affordable gift, it just makes perfect sense! Also comes with a Lifetime Warranty to protect you and the recipient. So, why not try InnoCreation now?

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