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Unlock the secrets to harnessing the amazing power of ketosis to boost your metabolism, build lean muscle mass and supercharge your weight loss with the ultimate ketogenic diet cookbook!

In this massive cookbook, you’ll discover everything you need to succeed with the keto diet, from essential tips to an arsenal of 1001 fat-melting, keto-friendly recipes that will help you reduce sugar cravings, improve your concentration and brainpower and turn your fat into fuel without major food restrictions or having to count calories.

Each mouthwatering recipe contained in the Keto Diet Cookbook has the following features to help you out:

●      Easy-to-source ingredients: All the ingredients required for the recipes in this cookbook are the ones that you can conveniently find at your local farmer’s market or grocery store. No exotic ingredients that are tricky to find and use

  • Nutritional facts: Each recipe in this cookbook has a list of micro and macronutrients to help you effectively keep track of what is going into your body
  • Preparation and cooking time: All recipes come with an estimated preparation and cooking time to help you effectively plan and fit your culinary activities into your busy schedule
  • Serving recommendations: Each recipe comes with a serving size suggestion to help prevent overeating and exceeding your caloric requirements

●      Step-by-step cooking instructions: Each recipe has detailed cooking directions to help you take the guesswork out of preparing amazing, air-fried meals every time

Packed with tons of practical insights into the keto lifestyle and thousands of mouthwatering recipes to ensure you never run out of keto-friendly food ideas, Keto Diet Cookbook is designed to help you reach peak levels of health and fitness as naturally and safely as possible

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